Report from the international Thomas Anders Fanday 2014

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Have a look at our video-report from the "International Thomas Anders Fan-Day 2014" in Koblenz (Germany) with english subtitles:



Report from the international Thomas Anders Fanday 2012

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Have a look on our video-report from the fan-day in Koblenz (Germany):



The new Mark Medlock-album "Dreamcatcher" is out now

Source: Sony-BMG, 08.11.2007

The new album of Mark Medlock was released Friday, the 9.November. His second album "Dreamcatcher", was produced by Dieter Bohlen too.

Release-Date: 09.11.07
EAN-Code: 0886971879629

Samples online:

More informations: 

The Tracklist:

01  Unbelievable   03:54
02  Love Is Beautiful   03:55
03  Feels Like The First Time   03:56
04  Fly With Me   04:22
05  Moment Of My Life   03:32
06  Wonderful Girl   04:02
07  Get Out Of My Bed   03:40
08  I'm Still Here   03:12

09  Don't Worry   03:49
10  Only Forever   05:26
11  I Can' T Forget This Night   03:29
12  My Dream Survive   04:12
13  When You Close Your Eyes   04:18
14  Part Time Lover   03:50
15  Sing Halleluja   03:18
16  Unbelievable - Videoclip 


"You Can Get It" - The review of the new Dieter Bohlen Maxi-Single

Source: MT-online, 31.07.2007

On the cover of the CD one sees Dieter Bohlen and Mark Medlock on a yacht on the coast of Majorca. The cover originates from the shooting to the video. The headline, "Mark Medlock - Dieter Bohlen" is written on the cover. Speculation regarding a new name "Miami Twice", proved to be unfounded. Two nice photos of Mark and Dieter adorn the inside of the cover (individually in each case). The single is available in two different versions: In a basic version with the single mix and the karaoke version and a premium version with three additional bonus tracks and a video clip. The following is a review of the premium version of the single. 

1.) YOU CAN GET IT (Single Version) 3:33

122 BPM The single version of the title was arranged in a Latino style as was made popular some years ago by the group "No Mercy" who produced several hits in succession. The rhythm / groove, particularly at the beginning of the track, is reminiscent of the seventies hit "Love is in the Air". The song is structured in two staves and three refrains. In the third refrain the lead vocals are typical of the Modern Talking high voiced singers. To this end, the song reminds one very strongly of  MT songs from the second MT era and should be stated that the choirs sound slightly different, than with Modern Talking albums. The "single version" is not the same as the slower album version of Marks CD album.

2.) YOU CAN GET IT (Modern Mix) 3:33

One can derive from the name of the mix that this version should remind one a little of  Modern Talking songs. This mix differs to track 1 in two ways: First the Latino guitar rhythm has been substituted with a percussion synthesiser sound and secondly the high pitch choirs were used here in all three refrains. Also the classic MT pattern was changed: The first part of the refrain sung by Mark Medlock, the second part of the refrain with the high voices. Otherwise this version is mixed with a little bit more bass.

3.) YOU CAN GET IT (Karaoke Version)

Instrumental versions of MT tracks were always a must and were loved by all fans and if even one track was not released as an instrumental version then this was missed by MT fans. Nevertheless, the conversion on this single differs from the Modern Talking singles: This version is not 100% instrumental, but contains all background voices in the refrains. Hence the name "karaoke version". However dedicated Bohlen-fans prefer the instrumental-versions.

4.) LOVE IS A GAME 3:37

The first of both bonus tracks in "House" style arrangement. The 125 BPM uptempo song goes in a similar direction like the Bohlen title "We Wanna Share This Moment Together" from the second DSDS album and its rhythm is toe tapping. The arrangement is dominated by the E piano, rhythm guitars and brass chords. An uplifting song !

5.) WHY THIS KISS 3:45

This song is the real hammer of the Maxi CD! The 122 BPM disco sound revives the good old Modern Talking feeling from the "Year Of The Dragon". The MT high pitch voices can be faintly heard in the background, being quietly merged with the main vocals. Sounding similar to the  Gloria Gaynor  track "I Will Survive"  and the intro "humming" sound from the  Communards  track  "Don't Leave Me This Way" this track sounds cool.  From the start to finish,  this  song consists only of synthesized sounds and is a real disco-hit!

6.) YOU CAN GET IT (Video Clip) 3:34

The video clip to the single as a MPG file is for playing on the PC. The video clip was filmed, as reported, on the Spanish island of Majorca. The record company has made funds available for a well made video and as such, the clip has turned out well.


The Premium version of the single is worth the money! Two bonus tracks not included on the Mark Medlock album "Mr. Lonely" and hence, provoke a real inducement to purchase. While the album goes along quite mid-tempo, one finds on this Maxi single the real Bohlen-disco sound which has been long missed from the pop titan. A better decision would have been to make "Why This Kiss" the real single.  The addition of the video clip rounds off the CD. All together this Maxi CD is a luxuriant and great package for the Bohlen-fan. Luckily Sony BMG has spared us the album-version of the song as a filling-track. The only real low point of the CD is the missing "real" instrumental version without background voices.

Written by Dieter Bohlen
Produced by Dieter Bohlen
Co-Produced and mixed by Jeo@Jeopark


All Thomas Anders Tour-Dates 2007

Source:, 28.07.2007









Thomas Anders Fanclub-Party / Kulturfabrik




Altes Theater



Esch/Alzette (Luxemburg)

Benefizgala “Hand in Hand”



Bursa (Türkei)




Sotchi (Rußland)




Murmansk (Rußland)




Murmansk (Rußland)




Murmansk (Rußland)




Bacauo (Rumänien)




Mamaia (Rumänien)





10.Lausitzer Oktoberfest




"Ball International" / Rheinlandsaal (Hotel Düsseldorf-Hilton)
















Kulturpunkt Friedenkirche












Kieler Schloß








Herz-Jesu & St.Antoniuskirche


New Single-CD Mark Medlock & Dieter Bohlen

Source: RTL / Sony-BMG, 11.07.2007

The Tracklist:

01  You Can get It (Single-Version)   3:33
02  You Can Get It (Modern-Version)   3:33
03  You Can Get It (Karaoke-Version)   3:33
04  Love Is A Game   3:37
05  Why This Kiss   3:45
06  You Can Get It (Videoclip)

All songs of the single as online samples:

More informations:


Mark Medlocks album "Mr.Lonely" will be released on 15.06.2007

Source: Sony-BMG, 01.06.2007

Mark Medlock won the fourth season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (Pop-Idol) with a sensational margin on 05.05.2007. His debut-album "Mr.Lonely", produced by Dieter Bohlen", will be available in the record-stores on 15.06.2007.

The Tracklist of the albums "Mr. Lonely":

01  Now Or Never  03:13
02  You Are So Beautiful  04:15
03  Seven Days  04:08
04  Relax Your Heart  03:32
05  Mr. Lonely 03:40
06  You Can Get It  03:40
07  Every Time You Go Away  03:56
08  Just Like Heaven 03:46
09  Oh Sarah  04:11
10  I Miss You  04:02
11  If You Just Call Me  03:34
12  I'm Just A Dreamer  03:25
13  Sad Sad Story  04:44
14  Only A Fool  03:34

All songs of the album as online samples :

More informations:

TV-dates of Mark Medlock:

01.06.07   22:00   NDR - NDR Talkshow
02.06.07   16:00   RTL2 - The Dome

08.06.07   21:00   Viva - The Dome
15.06.07   15:00   Viva - Live!
16.06.07   16:00   RTL2 - The Dome
18.06.07   15:00   Viva - LIVE!
23.06.07   20:15   ZDF - Wetten dass...?
25.06.07   21:00   Viva - The Dome


"I could carry one kilo hamburger-meat into the charts!"

Source: ZDF, 01.06.2007

On Tuesday, 08.05.07 Dieter Bohlen appeared again as a guest on the "Johannes B. Kerner Show", to promote the new single of his favourite singer, Mark Medlock. Dieter specially interrupted the work that he is undertaking for Marks coming album and drove back to the music studio directly after the interview. 

Kerner asked Dieter about today's newspaper headline "New Modern Talking with Mark Medlock". Dieter explained that he could he could probably imagine himself accompanying Mark at some appearances on the piano. What he is producing for Mark at present, is however purely a solo project. This (duet) does not have the highest priority as there are other things to consider at the moment. In connection with this Dieter mentioned that talks are underway to appear together with Mark in the TV-show "Summer Wetten dass...?" on Majorca this summer. This would fit well for Dieter, because Dieter will be spending his summer vacation there anyway. 

At present Dieter is under immense pressure working on composing new songs for the DSDS winner Mark Medlock. For example, this morning he got up at 5:00 o'clock and wrote 4 songs. 

Kerner picked up on this point enquiring as to exactly how Dieter composes his songs. Dieter described how he composes the songs at the piano, more importantly, several songs at the same time, if creativity happens to flow.  However he mostly needs an hours "warming up phase", before creativity comes. When composing Dieter is in a state of very deep concentration and nobody can disturb him or enter his studio. After Dieter has composed a new melody, he always saves his idea on tape and then forgets it immediately after this. After a few days or about 2 weeks he listens to his song ideas again and selects the best titles, which he continues to pursue and the bad songs, which are rejected. The good titles, Dieter despatches to the record-company as MP3 for a decision. 

Bohlen said that he may not be personally present when listening to the demos because it makes for an odd situation for him... in this early stage, if other persons  "tear up" his compositions, Dieter would prefer not be present, but rather afterwards receive details of the the final decision / result. 

Regarding Mark Medlock, Dieter hopes that he (unlike many of his other artists) doesn't lose his down-to-earth nature, and that Mark doesn't listen to the advise of the wrong people. Therefore Dieter wants to advise Mark in his future decisions. Marks Medlock debut album is due in approx 4 weeks. 

Dieter mentioned that Lisa, Francisca and Martin (of DSDS) have also stated an interest to work with him. Kerner asked as to whether Dieter with his know-how could actually make everyone a superstar? Dieter answered with his humour "to the genuine superstar surely not, but with the today's technical possibilities in the studio, I could surely carry a kilo of ground meat into the charts, if I  could only squeeze one short clay out of it." Dieter is very convinced that he is a great producer. If the record company gave him the task of producing a song with "one kilo of hamburger-meat" instead, he is convinced that he would produce a great record with it and that the record would definitely enter the singles chart. It's obvious that "hamburger meat" can't make any noise, but it was meant as a joke!  The statement was that Dieter is able to make a hit single with a singer, whether they can sing well or not. 

Dieter also said that in fact that there will be a fifth season of DSDS, and that he will sit as a judge. Since his house break-in last December, Dieter no longer drives 4 hours home with the car after the show, but he stays overnight instead in the hotel, since he feels a lot safer and he can relax there.


Bohlens favourite Mark Medlock won the 4th DSDS-season (Pop-Idol)

Source: Sony-BMG, 17.05.2007

On Saturday evening 5 May 2007, RTL viewers voted in the finale of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (German version of "Pop-Idol")  tele-voting Mark Medlock as the winner of the fourth season of DSDS. The 28 year-old man from Frankfurt had an accomplished position in the finale against a competitor Martin Stosch who is twelve years younger. Mark Medlocks debut single "Now Or Never" will be released On 11 May . The song is by Dieter Bohlen, who has written and produced many hits such as "Take Me Tonight", "Free Like The Wind" and "You Drive Me Crazy" for previous DSDS participants Alexander Klaws and Daniel Kueblboeck. Dieter Bohlen, with over 160 million CD sales world-wide is one of the most successful German music producers of all time. In the finale Mark sang the Louis Armstrong evergreen "What A Wonderful World" and the Lionel Richie classic "Easy" and the new winning title song "Now Or Never" composed by Bohlen. Here are full details regarding the new single:


The Tracklist of the Maxi-CD "Now Or Never":

01  Now Or Never (Radio-Version)  03:14
02  Now Or Never (Acoustic-Version)   03:12
03  Now Or Never (Instrumental)   03:13
04  Only A Fool   03:34
05  Portrait Mark Medlock   04:57
     - Westside   00:20
     - Right Here Waiting   00:49
     - Radiant Haze   00:21
     - Führ mich ans Licht   00:14
     - Klar   00:45
     - Summertime   00:10
     - Easy   00:22
     - You Give Me Something   00:12
     - Tracy's Flaw   00:10
     - Fear And Love   00:27
     - Hello   00:15
     - My Mind Is Dangerous   00:02

All songs of the Maxi-CD as online samples :

TV-dates of Mark Medlock:

07.05.07   15:00   VIVA - LIVE!
09.05.07   22:15   Pro7 - TV Total
11.05.07   15:00   VIVA - LIVE!
14.05.07   18:50   ARD - BILD Osgar
14.05.07   20:15   RTL - Let's Dance
14.05.07   20:15   MDR - Der Osgar
22.05.07   22:15   SAT1 - Akte 2007
01.06.07   22:00   NDR - NDR Talkshow
02.06.07   16:00   RTL2 - The Dome
08.06.07   21:00   Viva - The Dome
16.06.07   16:00   RTL2 - The Dome
18.06.07   15:00   Viva - Live!
23.06.07   20:15   ZDF - Wetten dass...?
25.06.07   21:00   Viva - The Dome

More Infos:

One can order the CD here:


Report from the Thomas' Anders fan club party in Koblenz

Quelle:, 12.05.2007

On Saturday 06.01.2007 Thomas Anders invited all his fans to the annual fan club party taking place in Koblenz. "Modern-Talking-Online" attended the fan party in order to provide you with the latest information and up to date news.

The fan party took place in the Koblenzer "Kulturfabrik". The event started at 14.00hrs. and for the first time it was made possible to attend the fan party without membership or previous fan club registration. This unfortunately led to the Event organiser underestimating the number of fans that would be attending. The miscalculation resulted in what became a very long waiting period for many fans including the problem of insufficient number of available seating. Because of the disorder this caused the meeting  finally commenced at 17.00hrs.

The Prozedere entrance provided an enclosure in which the fans could to be photographed together with Thomas Anders for a picture as a personal momento. The costs of the autographed photo were included in the entrance fee.

At the beginning of the fan club party Thomas welcomed the estimated 600 fans and lightly chatted with them. Following this, questions were invited and were picked out at random to keep the interest of the fans. The most important information from the point of view of the ModernTalking fans, was a question regarding a Modern Talking Reunion referred to in a recent appearance by Dieter. Thomas Anders responded as follows:

Quotation: "The topic is closed and there will be no Modern Talking Reunion! That is why I have not commented much on the subject. MT will not rise like a phoenix from the ashes and his (Dieters) comments have forced me to give endless hours of interviews on a subject that I no longer desire to discuss. That (Reunion) simply will never happen! "

Regarding Thomas solo activities there was an itinerary of information: 

- Thomas and his team are working on a concept for a new show  which is to be piloted in the second half of 2007. Should this be successful, then one could count on further episodes in 2008. However at the moment, most concert inquiries come from foreign countries. The chances of an appearance in Germany for 2007 is therefore somewhat slim. The cancelled Poland dates are moved to the summer of  2007 and in June there will be a mini concert in Heilbronn.

- Thomas Anders referred to the fact that fans had expressed a large interest in a DVD concert recording and will undertake discussions with the record company as to whether one can use material of the Belarus appearances for the DVD release.

- a new album in 2007 is not to be counted on as a definite release. At the end of January discussions are being held with the record company. An album release in 2008 is however more realistic. The music style is yet to be determined. He said however that it will be neither a continuation of "Songs Forever", or "This time". In the future Thomas wishes to give more attention to good compositions and melodies, rather than current sound gadgetry or having the latest sound-effects.

- further children in the Anders family are not expected in the near future.

- the TV-show "Best of Formel Eins", which was presented by Thomas Anders, will cease at the end of this season. This is due to the subject and all the videoclips having been exhausted and there is no new material to show except repeats.

- Thomas Anders offers for TV projects He and his team are currently looking at different concepts. At the moment nothing is concrete. On 13.01.07 is the transmission "Lafer!Lichter!Lecker! - Die etwas andere Promi-Kochschule" with Andrea Kiewel.

- the topic of his autobiography did not pass by Thomas Anders. It is however important to him that he writes it and not somebody else. In connection with this, there is still nothing planned and should the book be realised, then this will be in the medium to long term.

- Regarding questions on the coming year, enquiries were made regarding his yearly income, a diet and a potential collaboration with "System In Blue" which he politely avoided and has yet to explain.

In the second part oft the party Thomas was sitting at the piano and sang an unkown song (live).

The third part of the fan club party consisted of a raffle. Thomas's son Alexander undertook the task took of drawing the tickets. Various articles from the Fanshop were handed out as prizes by Thomas including various photos of Thomas Anders. The main prize, which this year was won by a man, was a dinner with Thomas Anders. The second prize was of Thomas's Anders wrist-watch.

Afterwards there was an hours break in which the stage was set up and sound checks were made.

The fourth and last part of the party began at 20.30hrs. It was a mini concert, which Thomas held for his visitors. The first song was sung solo at the piano. For the remaining songs, thomas was accompanied by the band. The live-band included a piano, guitar, a saxophone and two female backing singers. Some songs were taken from the "Songs Forever" album. He also sung two Modern Talking hits: "You're My Heart..." and "Cheri Cheri lady". The concert lasted to just before 22.00 o'clock and altogether Thomas sang  around 10 titles. Subsequently, Thomas said farewell to his fans until next year.


Many News for March

Source:, 11.02.2006

Many highlights are awaiting the fans of Modern Talking in March. The casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" with juror Dieter Bohlen is approaching the final stage. RTL is taking advantage of the hype caused by DSDS and Bohlen in order to broadcast the comic adventure "Dieter - The Movie", which has been actually produced for the cinema. According to rumours, the broadcast will take place on 4 March - in direct competition to Germany's most successfull TV-show "Wetten, dass..?" featuring showmaster Thomas Gottschalk.

Preceding the broadcast of the movie, the soundtrack will be released on 3 March. The album "Dieter - The Movie" contains a big surprise for all fans: the Modern Talking-song "Shooting Star", which has never been published before. The rest of the songs will be performed by Dieter himself.

And this is the tracklist of the brand new Dieter Bohlen album "Dieter - The Movie"::

01  Dieter Bohlen - Gasoline
Modern Talking - Shooting Star
03  Dieter Bohlen - Bizarre Bizarre
04  Dieter Bohlen - Don't Let Me Down
05  Dieter Bohlen - The Way You Smile
06  Dieter Bohlen - Senorita
07  Dieter Bohlen - How Will I Know
08  Dieter Bohlen - If I Were You
09  Dieter Bohlen - I Promised You
10  Dieter Bohlen - Tears May Go
11  Dieter Bohlen - Love Is Stronger
12  Dieter Bohlen - Take Me To The Clouds
13  Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul
14  Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want
15  Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady
16  Modern Talking - Brother Louie
17  Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)
18  Modern Talking - Geronimo's Cadillac

For the same month another Bohlen-production is announced. Dieter Bohlen produced an album for the 23 year old singer Nathalie Tineo. Nathalie is already well-known from the casting show "Die deutsche Stimme" ("Germany's voice") from 2003. The album will be in German language and similar to the style of Yvonne Catterfeld. The first single from the album is expected to be released in March. 

Moreover, Dieter Bohlen announced the release of his thir autobiographical book. The contents are not public yet. 

Heavy TV-promotion for the movie, the soundtrack and the book is to be expected. 

But also Thomas Anders is active these days. On 9 March he will take part in the German national selection for the European Grand Prix together with his competitors Vicky Leandros and Olli Dietrich. Thomas' grand prix song "Songs That Live Forever" will be published on his brand new album "Songs Forever" (release date: 3 March). With the exception of this new composition the album consists only of cover versions of 80s-hits produced in "Swing"-style. The album will be promoted heavily on TV (see: tv dates in the menu) with an appearance in the show "Wetten, dass...?" on 4 March.

Here is the tracklist of Thomas Anders' new album "Songs Forever":

01  Songs That Live Forever (Intro)
02  Cry For Help
03  For Your Eyes Only
04  Have I Told You Lately
05  All Around The World
06  Some People
07  Tell It To My Heart
08  Do You Really Want To Heart Me
09  Is This Love
10  Sweet Dreams
11  Arthur's Theme
12  You’re My Heart, You're My Soul
13  True
14  Songs That Live Forever


Mp3 samples from the brand-new "Systems In Blue" album

Quelle:, 21.09.2005

On Tuesday 20 September 2005 their brand-new first album called "Point Of No Return" was released. Including the already known three singles, the album features 13 songs. From uptempo-songs, sentimental ballads and mystic sounds there is something for everyone. As the sound of SIB is very similar to the one we are used to from Modern Talking, we would like to introduce this album to you. To make it easier for you to decide whether you should buy this masterpiece or not, we have prepared free samples of four album-songs for you:



Thomas Anders on tour in Ukraine in autumn

Source:, 15.09.2005

Thomas Anders will be on tour in the Ukraine frome 14. to 31.October 2005. There he will give live-concerts in the following cities:

Lvov, Charkow, Lugansk, Doneck, Zaporozje, Simferopol, Odessa, Kijev, Poltava, Krivoj Rog 


Dieter Bohlen has become a father again

Source: BILD, 08.07.2005

Dieter Bohlen (51) has become a father for the 4th-time. His girlfriend Estefania has born their son "Maurice Cassian" on the 07.07.2005. Dieter Bohlen is already a father of his three children Marc (19), Marvin (16) and Marielin (15).


Thomas Anders new website is online now

Source:, 25.06.2005

The official website of Thomas Anders had the same design since 2001. Now he has updated his page. The new version of website is online since 23.06.2005.


Thomas Anders released his brandnew single "Just Dream"

Source:, 05.12.2004

Thomas Anders' recent release "Just Dream" is a central element of the two new "Holiday On Ice"-shows "Fanatasy" and "Diamond Dreams". The tour, which can be seen from the end of October until March 2005 in as many as 23 German cities, is the world's most famous ice-show. Thomas Anders performed his ballad, which again is produced by Peter Ries (producer of No Angels amongst many others) in the Germany TV-Show "PISA - Der Ländertest".

The Maxi-CD "Just Dream" was released in Germany on 18.10.2004

The Track-List:



Just Dream (Ballad Version)



Just Dream RMX Version)



Just Dream (Ballad-RMX Version)



Just Dream (Extended Version)


For further informations look at


Thomas Anders sings at "Holiday On Ice"

source:, 15.09.04

Thomas Anders has entered a cooperation with the world famous "Holiday On Ice"-show. For this year's "Dream-Tour" Anders composed a song titled "Just Dream", a romantic ballad which will be released as a single on October 18th. Moreover, Thomas Anders will participate in the following Holiday-On-Ice-appearances: 

27. Oktober 2004


Color Line Arena

05. Januar 2005



16. Februar 2005



For further infos about ticket prices and booking see:


New Alexander-Album with Bohlen-Songs

source: BMG, 06.07.2004

"Here I am" is the title of the second album of Germany's Pop-Idol Alexander. This time Alexander chose to collaborate with different producers. Among their songs, however, there can be also found top-hits produced by Dieter Bohlen, like "Free like the wind" and "Behind the sun". The songs marked in the tracklist are all by Bohlen.

Alexander - Here I am
Release-Date: 12.07.2004


Die Tracklist


Sunshine After The Rain 03:11


Free Like The Wind 03:44


Here I Am 04:02


Maybe 03:47


Another Heart Is Broken 03:38


Break Free 03:08


There Is No Good In Goodbye 03:52


Light Of Day 04:11


Behind The Sun 03:56


If I Could Live Forever 03:25


Don't Be Cool 04:14


You've Got That Look 03:38


Why Does It Always Rain On Me 03:33


Sunshine After The Rain 04:24


Recent statement by Thomas Anders

source:, 20.05.04

Thomas Anders wants his fans to know the following:

Dear fans,

i've got good but also bad news for you. Let's start with the bad ones: Yesterday we had a long meeting with my management and the organisators of my concerts. In the end I decided to change the dates of the concerts in Oberhausen and Berlin because the tickets didn't sell good enough. Although the sales could have been worse, they didn't meet my expectations. Who has observed the market can tell it's harder than ever to fill the concert halls. I could have cancelled the concerts because I was ill, but that's not my style and would have been unfair to my fans. I will rather move the concerts to autum or winter 2004.

Meanwhile there will be a new Thomas Anders-album released - and that's the good news for you. In the beginnig, the album was scheduled for spring 2005, however, since the recent album "This Time" was successfull all over the world, my record company convinced me to release another one this year. I will spend the following weeks working out a concept and writing new songs, which I like most. The last weeks and months surely belong to the most exhausting of my whole career, but I'm satisfied with my work as a singer and TV-presentator. Of course there's plenty work left for me, but this (positive!) stress situation makes me happy. As you know, there will be some TV appearances with my new single "Tonight Is The Night". After that I'm looking forward to spending some time together wirh my wife Claudia and our son Alexander. During summertime, I will work on my new album.

I hope you are well-informed now and wish to say thank you for your assistance. I'll promise you something: You will hear from me this year. And when the time has come, you'll get to know it on my website first.

Yours, Thomas


Thomas Anders guides through the Eurovision Song Contest

source: ARD, 17.05.04

More than 20 000 fans took part in Germany's biggest Grand-Prix-Party on the Reeperbahn. Around 11 p.m. the former Modern-Talking-Star and singer Thomas Anders announced the German results. After the ceremony in Istanbul, the party on Hamburg's Reeperbahn started with Thomas Anders and many other artists. In the German TV-transmission Thomas Anders performed also his two new songs "Tonight Is The Night" and "Night To Remember".


Download-recommendation for fans of the Bohlen-sound

source:, 06.05.04

All amateurs of the "Bohlen-sound" of the 80s will surely appreciate this download-recommendation. On the website of the group Systems In Blue ( there are two special extended versions of their songs (Magic Mystery (6:22) and Every Little Thing (7:03)) available for FREE download in full lenghth and quality. These tracks can be considered as something very special, because they are not available elsewhere, not even on the maxi-CD-release!


Dieter Bohlen finally wants to marry

source: RTL, 27.04.04

Dieter Bohlen plans to marry his 24-year-old long-term girlfriend Estefania this year. "Either we are married on February 1st 2005 or seperated", Bohlen said in an interview with the german TV station RTL. There have already been massive rumours about a marriage in the past years. As Bohlen says, Estefania is "the perfect woman" for him.


New single of Thomas Anders

source: BMG, 09.04.04

On the 03.05.04 Thomas Anders released his 3rd single "Tonight Is The Night" from the album "This Time". On the maxi-CD there are two more songs, which have not been released on the album.

Tonight Is The Night
release date : 03.05.2004
EAN-Code: 828766073522



Tonight Is The Night (Single-Edit)



Tonight Is The Night (Album-Version)



Tonight Is The Night (Extended-Version)



Never Been Loved Before



The First Cry (Demo-Song)



The "high pitched voices" of  Modern Talking continue

source:, 19.03.04

We've got good news for all amateurs of the characteristic high pitched voices (HPVs) of Modern Talking and Blue System: The former background-singers of Modern Talking started their solo career.

The high voices belong to the three studio musicians Rolf Köhler, Detlef Wiedeke and Michael Scholz. On the first six MT-Albums until 1987, also Birger Corleis was involved. In the year 2000 the co-operation ended after an agreement in court and Bohlen and the singers splitted up. Last year, however, the three singers decided to re-animate the Bohlen-sound of the 80s and 90s. Because of their involvment in so many productions of Dieter, it was no problem for them to reproduce all the details of DB's sound.

On 22.03.2004 their very first solo production "Magic Mystery" was released under the project name "Systems In Blue". It's a typical uptempo-track of the late 80s, quite similar to Blue System's "Magic Symphony". Moreover, there's another uptempo-song on the maxi-CD, called "Every Little Thing". Both songs of course include the characteristic "high pitched vocals" in superb quality.

Magic Mystery
release date: 22.03.2004
EAN-Code: 0729705492

Die Tracklist


Magic Mystery (Single Version)



Magic Mystery (Extended Dance Remix)



Every Little Thing



Magic Mystery (Instrumental)



On the official website of the project you will encounter some samples of the songs for download:



The winning song of Germany's new Pop Idol "Elli"

source: BMG, 16.03.04

On 22.03.04 BMG released the winning song of Germany's new Pop Idol "Elli". The song is produced by Dieter Bohlen.

This Is My Life
Release date: 22.03.2004
EAN-Code: 82876608802

Die Tracklist


This Is My Life



This Is My Life



This Is My Life



This Is My Life



Two new Bohlen-productions released

source: BMG, 07.03.04


Alexander - Dieter Bohlen has released a song from Alexander's new album. "Behind The Sun" is clearly influenced by Alexander's last single "Free Like The Wind", but also by Bell Book & Candles "Rescue Me".

Alexander - Behind The Sun
Erscheinungs-Termin: 23.02.2004
EAN-Code: 82876600752

Die Tracklist


Radio Edit



Classic Mix



Guitar Mix



Radio Instrumental



Music Video


Yvonne Catterfeld - Yvonne Catterfeld - On her recent album "Farben meiner Welt" ("The Coulours Of My Life") there are 5 songs produced by Dieter Bohlen. The rest was produced by different people.

Yvonne Catterfeld - Farben meiner Welt
release date: 01.03.2004
EAN-Code: 82876589452

The Tracklist


Du hast mein Herz gebrochen



Wenn ich



Aus der Sicht des Mondes



Einmal ist Keinmal



Die Zeit des wartens



Liebe war es nicht



Reichtum der Welt



Ihre Art zu lachen






Halt mich



Ich glaub an dich



Du bleibst immer noch du



Fliegen ohne Flügel



Für immer und ewig



Farben meiner Welt



Engel blicken nie zurück



Thomas Anders releases new CDs

Source:, 23.01.04

After his debut-release "Independent Girl", Thomas Anders presents his brandnew studio album "This Time" (EAN: 0828765891325) on the 23.02.04. Already on the 02.02.2004, another single called "King Of Love" will be released. This song is an uptempo-title influenced by 70s disco.

This Time (Album)
release date : 23.02.2004
EAN-Code: 82876589132

King Of Love (Single)
Erscheinungs-Termin: 02.02.2004
EAN-Code: 0828765916325

The Tracklist


King Of Love



King Of Love



King Of Love



King Of Love


Here you'll find samples of all 4 tracks:

Here you'll find the lyrics:


A new single-release produced by Dieter Bohlen

Source: BMG, 21.01.04

Dieter Bohlen has composed and produced the new single of Yvonne Catterfeld "Du hast mein Herz gebrochen". The german lyric wasn`t written thistime by himself. In germany the song reached number one of the charts. The new album of Yvonne will be released in february.

Release-date: 12.01.2004
EAN-Code: 82876589432)

The Tracklist


Radio Version



Acousic Mix






Dieter Bohlen produced a second Pop-Idol album

Source: BMG, 21.01.04

Dieter Bohlen has produced an album with the 13 finalists of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (german version of Pop-Idol). The album with the titel "Magic Of Music" was released on 12.01.2004.

Release-date: 12.01.2004
EAN-Code CD 82876589832)

The Tracklist


Believe In Miracles



A Moment Like Eternity






You Will Be A Winner



Don't Call It Love



Come Let's Have A Party



Always And Ever



We Wanna Share This Moment Together



Wherever You'll Go



Magic Of Music



Call Me



How Many Times We'll Say Goodbye



The Dieter Bohlen - Charts of the year 2003

Source: Media-Control, 28.12.03

Singles - Germany

DSDS "We Have A Dream" --- Place 01
Alexander "Take Me Tonight" --- Place 02
Yvonne Catterfeld "Für Dich" --- Place 03
Alexander "Free Like The Wind" --- Place 14
 Daniel Küblböck "You Drive Me Crazy" --- Place 16
Modern Talking "TV Makes The Superstar" --- Place 41
Daniel Küblböck "Heartbeat" --- Place 47

Album - Germany

DSDS "United" --- Place 01
Alexander "Take Your Chance" --- Place 34
Daniel Küblböck "Positive Energie" --- Place 60
Modern Talking "Universe" --- Place 66
Modern Talking "The Final Album" --- Place 97 


Dieter Bohlen produced a single for the german Pop-Idol

Source: BMG, 15.11.03

The ballad is called "Believe In Miracles" and is sung by all 12 finalist together.

1. Believe In Miracles (Radio Edit)   4:02
2. Believe In Miracles (Orchestral Version)   4:02
3. Believe In Miracles (Instrumental)   4:02

EAN-Code: 82876585632
Release-date: 24.11.2003


A new single-release produced by Dieter Bohlen

Quelle: BMG, 29.10.03

Dieter Bohlen has produced a new single for the german pop-idol winner Alexander. The ballad "Free Like The Wind" has climbed the top of the german single-charts. The track was also the music for the RTL-movie "Held der Gladiatoren".

1. "Free Like The Wind"   3:37
2. "Free Like The Wind (Orchestral Version)"   3:45
3. "Free Like The Wind (Instrumental Version"   3:44
04. "Like A Hero"   3:38

Release-date: 27.10.2003
EAN-Code: 82876563022


Thomas Anders' career is getting started

Source: MediaBiz, 28.10.03

Thomas Anders will launch his solo-career already on November 10th. His first single will be called "Independent Girl". The forthcoming album will be released in January or February 2004 on the new german label "Na Klar!", which was founded by former members of BMG. Thomas' management will remain the same, however. It is part of the "Allendorf Media AG" agency, which has been giving advice to Thomas for years. Now they will also do the promotion of his career as solo-artist.


Dieter Bohlen wrote a second book

Quelle: ARD, 16.04.2004

Dieter Bohlen wrote a second book with the titel "Hinter den Kulissen". In his book he is telling a lot of storys from behind the scenes of the german media- and celebraty-scene.


News from Thomas Anders

Source:, 04.09.03

Thomas Anders keeps on working on his solo-album since summer. Right now he believes to have a nice selection of songs for release. However, the recording and final decision about the new single will take place in October. But the album won't be released before spring of the next year. Thomas has just returned from a trip to Mongolia where he had given a concert in front of an audience of 22,000 habitants of Ulan-Bator, the capital of Mongolia. On September 6th, Thomas Anders will appear at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, together with the Scorpions and the "Presidential Orchester of Russian Federation". According to his website, Thomas is supposed to play "You´re My Heart, ..." there. In the middle of October, Thomas will travel to Dubai, Arabia. There he plans to record a documentation about the country for the germany broadcast station "Sat1", which will propably be aired on 17.11.2003. After the release of his solo-album, he plans a nice surprise for his German fans: a tour through Germany. Negociations with the organisators have already started. The program will be a mixture of Modern Talking´s greatest hits and his new solo-songs.


The latest news and rumours about Thomas and Dieter

Source:, 26.06.03

Especially for you we´ve collected the latest news and rumours about the future plans of Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen after the end of Modern Talking:

Thomas Anders:
Thomas has decided to cancel his holiday and immediately start to work on his solo-album, which will be released in the beginning of 2004. According to interviews he has given to different newspapers, his new music-style should be a follow-up to Modern Talking. Moreover, Thomas will concentrate on his own music production company.

Dieter Bohlen:
Dieter has signed two very profitable marketing-contracts with the German milk-producer "Müller-Milch" and the fashion label "S. Oliver". The TV-commercials for Müller-Milch are already on air. Additionally, Dieter is wearing S. OIliver-clothing in the public. The work on the new edition of the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", in which Dieter will again be part of the jury, have begun some weeks ago. The show will go on until early 2004. Moreover, two highlights are planned for autumn 2003: first of all, a continuation of Dieter's book as well as a new music-project. Until now, Dieter hasn´t mentioned what it will exactly sound like. However, there´s a cartoon movie about Dieter´s life to be expected next year. About hundred of painters will start the work on it in October.


The Modern Talking goodbye-concert in Berlin

Source:, 26.06.03

The definitely last Modern Talking concert ever took place at Wuhlheide stage in Berlin on Saturday, the 21.06.2003. After the publication of theseparation of MT in Rostock on 07.06.2003, all concerts of following tour were cancelled, except for the very last concert in Berlin. Here's our detailed concert report from Berlin:

>>> to the complete concert-report...



The separation of Modern Talking - The entire story

Source: BMG, 18.06.03

The German pop-duo Modern Talking decided to go separate ways in the future. This has been announced by Dieter Bohlen at the Modern Talking concert in Rostock on June, 10. "I have to confess, the Modern Talking story is over now", Bohlen said in front of 24,000 fans in the Rostock Baltic-Sea-Stadium. Modern Talking singer Thomas Anders did not comment the message. However, also the management of the two musicians has confirmed the separation.

The day after the break-up Thomas Anders has published the following statement in the forum of his webpage

Dear fans,
surely You have already read or heard it. Dieter and I decided to concentrate on our solo projects in the future. We did not separate because of a quarrel. We respect each other, however, our relationship was not meant forever. Although we have such different characters, we always had the same attitude towards our project Modern Talking. The fact that Modern Talking was a very successful music project has always united us. But each of us pursues his own goals and has his own interests. I am very grateful for the time I had with Modern Talking. However, now I am looking forward to my own music and right now I am working on a solo album, which will be released in spring 2004. I have just returned from two successful solo concerts in the USA and continue working on a Thomas Anders Gala-show. Besides that, I supervise the work at my music publishing house and current projects of my production company. Considering the fact that our tour has just begun and many of our fans were looking forward to experiencing our live appearance, the time for the split-up was not well-chosen. I am sad because of that and wished we successfully could bring our tour to an end. However, I will continue making music and won't leave my fans alone.
Yours,Thomas, June, 8. 2003

On 09.06.03 Dieter Bohlen announced in the german newspaper "Bild": He has not separated from Thomas Anders because of a quarrel, and there will be no fight between them after the split-up either. Nor was Thomas' late arrival at the last concert a reason to split-up. They had already agreed on the end of MT many months before. Thomas had solo-plans for the future, which he wants to realize now. Modern Talking and a solo career at the same time would have been simply impossible. In autumn, they would have announced the end of MT anyway. But as Dieter's granny had always said: "it's time to quit, when you've reached the most beautiful moment", which has made Bohlen spontaneously decide to inform the fans already now.

On 10.09.03 Dieter Bohlen gave an interview in his garden to comment the backgrounds of the MT separation on the TV-Station RTL: The interview, however, has been shortened too much, so it's not obvious in which context Dieter's comments were said. Therefore his statement sounded quite frank. For instance he said he has lost his inspiration. Moreover, it's much easier for him to work with new artists. Also, he welcomes Thomas' plans to realize his own ideas.


Best-Of-Album in June

Source: BMG, 18.06.03

The record-company BMG will release a last Modern Talking Best-Of-Album called "The Final Album" on june, 23. This album will contain all of their greatest hits starting with "You`re My Heart You`re My Soul" up to "TV Makes The Superstar".

EAN-Code: 82876545522  /  Release: 23.06.2003

 The Track-List:


You're My Heart, You're My Soul
You Can Win If You Want (Original No 1 Mix '84)
Cheri Cheri Lady
Brother Louie
Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)
Geronimo's Cadillac
Give Me Peace On Earth
Jet Airliner
In 100 Years
You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version)
Brother Louie (New Version)
You Are Not Alone (Video Version)
Sexy Sexy Lover (Vocal Version)
China In Her Eyes (Video Version)
Don't Take Away My Heart (New Vocal Version)
Win The Race (Radio Edit)
Last Exit To Brooklyn
Ready For The Victory (Radio Version)
TV Makes The Superstar (Radio Edit)